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2023 Royalty Court Applications 

It’s time again to begin the search for the new Apple Festival Royalty Court! On behalf of the Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce and the reigning court, we are thrilled to extend this invitation to you! The Royalty Court will reign for a period of one year. They will have the opportunity to travel, learn about other communities in our state, meet many new friends, and gain experience speaking in public as they share with others information about our festival.

2023 Queen's
Luncheon & Registration

Currently Open to Festival & Fair Royalty Courts 

2022 Apple Festival Royalty Court

Queen - Peyton Sautter

Queen 1st Attendant- Kacey Wilburn
Princess- Mackenzie Chaffin
Princess 1st Attendant - Taylor Gluth
Jr. Princess - Cora Kapp
Jr. Princess 1st Attendant - Olive Walker
Johnny Appleseed- Jordan Davis
Apple Blossom - Adaline Toris
Apple Blossom 1st Att
endant - Addaline Bond

2022-23 Court.jpg

Royalty Director-Tabitha Davis
419-898-0479 or
Co-Director -Marie Darr

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